Gildone - Feast of St-Antionio (Bread Festival)


In June of each year (day to be fixed) use the festivities in honor of St. Anthony of Padua and Sacred-Heart of Jesus, in Gildone (CB), where each year the Saints are brought to shoulder the characteristic procession of bread. The women of the country in the parade procession led by large baskets full of bread and decorated with lilies, the flower symbol of the Holy. The women, among the most experienced and devoted, can carry up to 15kg of bread on their heads marching in procession with balance and sure-footed. The tradition of the bread is secular and has never stopped.

According to a thesis before it all goes back to the miracle of the small Tommasino who was drowned and then resurrected. On that occasion the mother had offered to every poor person as much wheat as weighed the son. Instead there is another theory that seems most accepted, that the devotion of bread enters the festival in honor of St. Anthony in the '30s, when the midwife came to Gildone, (at the time the children were born at home)she was named Amabile Tezzon,a lady from Rovigo. A June 13, when the procession of the Holy walked past the house, (in the mez caser nine) this lady did find a small altar on which he had asked a few loaves of bread, after the blessing, he distributed to the poor of the country. In subsequent years, the organizing committee of the festival made its own initiative. The flour, donated by the owners, was processed and prepared bread in abundance. The morning of the party, even today, the blessed bread is distributed to the entire population. The cult of Gildone to St. Anthony of Padua must instead to the monks of the order of St. Augustine took office in the old farmhouse Bulgarian Sant'Andrea before the year one thousand. The church of their monastery, dedicated to Santa Maria Decorata.

Linked to the tradition of the bread is that of Tredicina thirteen children gather every night in the twelve days leading up to the festival; before the altar adorned with candles and lilies children gather in prayer in front of an old painting of St. Anthony. The thirteenth day before the procession, wearing the habit and became the so-called monacell. With a loaf of bread and a lily follow the Saint in a procession.

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